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Finding a Local Appraiser in Chicago

You need to find a local appraiser that can provide a timely and credible report? Then it’s imperative to secure an appraisal from a local and reputable company.

Mortgage brokers, direct lenders and loan officers from all over the country trust Chicago Appraisals. When lenders or appraisal management companies need an experienced appraiser that knows the local market, they know they can count on us.

We provide the best service for lenders, credit unions and appraisal management companies. You can rely on Chicago Appraisals to always provide a timely and detailed appraisal report.

How do Lenders Find Real Estate Appraisers?

Many mortgage companies use appraisal management companies who contract licensed, local appraisers. This allows mortgage companies to drop the cost of maintaining a panel of appraisers. Some appraisal management companies can add a layer of oversight to the appraisal process.

Although the mortgage lender does not always select the appraiser, the lender is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the fair market value was provided by a licensed appraiser.

Chicago Appraisals provides service for many different lending situations, including:

  • Mortgages
  • Refinancing
  • FHA Loans
  • Removal of PMI
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcy
  • 203K
  • Relocations
  • Probate Resolution

… And more.

Why Lenders Trust Chicago Appraisals

When choosing a local appraiser, it’s important to find a professional that is an expert within that specific market.

Lenders and Appraisal Mortgage Companies have trusted Chicago Appraisals. to provide unbiased, accurate,appraisals for all types of properties across Chicago and the suburbs.

Today’s appraisal process is more complex and challenging than ever. That does not mean that the quality of the finished product should be sacrificed. As a trustworthy appraisals partner, Chicago Appraisals has a proven system for success set in place. Our system allows us to accept assignments and deliver appraisals in an effective, professional and timely manner.

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Chicago Appraisals Has Local Appraisers Available Now

Accurate and dependable, Chicago Appraisals has a proven record of reducing lenders time, efforts, and costs.

Chicago Appraisals serves all of Cook County. Please contact us for properties located in Lake, McHenry, Kendall, Kane, DuPage and Will Counties.

Our appraisers have performed extensive assignments on all property types, locations, and values. There isn’t much we haven’t seen at this point.

When you choose Chicago Appraisals for your real estate appraisal needs, you can expect high quality reports with 24-48 hour turn times.

Contact us today to learn more about our competitive pricing and our focus on local appraisal services.

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